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Road and Bitumen Laboratory

Areas of Work in the Road and Bitumen Laboratory:
•    Determination of necessary data for road superstructure design through experimental methods
•    Examination of the aggregate mixture used in highway superstructures and determination of its physical properties
•    Investigation of the physical and chemical properties of bituminous binders
•    Examination of hot and cold asphalt mixture properties
•    Examination of the properties of additives used in mixtures and binders, and analysis of the benefits of additives
•    Hot asphalt mixture design
•    Surface coating design
•    Analysis of advanced asphalt techniques and investigation of their applicability in our country
•    Research on the use of coloring materials in asphalt mixtures
•    Investigation of hot and cold asphalt mixture production techniques and their applicability in Turkey
•    Study of the superstructure management system and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications
•    Investigation of the causes of road pavement deterioration and preparation of a maintenance and repair program
•    Research on new repair techniques in highway superstructures


Research Facilities in the Road and Bitumen Laboratory:
•    Tests for determining the physical properties of aggregates
•    Performing standard tests to determine the properties of binders (bitumen, asphalt emulsion, liquid petroleum asphalts)
•    Experiments applied to hot and cold asphalt mixtures: Marshall Test, Indirect Tension, Indirect Tensile Strength, Static Creep, Repeated Creep tests
•    Penetration test on mastic asphalts
•    Design of hot asphalt mixtures
•    Design of cold asphalt mixtures
•    Examination of binder additives
•    Investigation of the usability of waste materials in asphalt mixtures
•    Asphalt Emulsion Design