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Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering Laboratory

The Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering laboratories, operating within the Department of Civil Engineering, are established in a separate building with a total area of 5000 m2. These laboratories provide research and education services to students and academics with advanced infrastructure. In terms of facilities and international standards, it is one of the rare laboratories in Turkey.

Equipped with numerous advanced devices capable of computer-assisted measurements, the laboratories are engaged in various research projects at the national and international levels.

The laboratory conducts applied courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, carries out research, and oversees thesis projects. At the undergraduate level, fundamental experiments in fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrology, coastal, and harbor engineering are conducted, allowing students to transfer their knowledge in the field of engineering in the best possible way and gain a closer and more affectionate understanding of their profession. At the graduate level, particularly in coastal and harbor engineering, the laboratory has rapidly developed into a modern facility. These laboratories, considered to have excellent technological infrastructure, enable research on current topics in hydraulic and coastal engineering.

The laboratory provides wave channels, water channels, and pools of various sizes for physical modeling experiments. Additionally, numerous experimental sets serving different purposes (Hydrostatic pressure center determination, Local loss experiment system, Venturi meter experiment system, Multipurpose open channel hydraulics experiment channel, etc.) operate for educational and research purposes.