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The Department of Civil Engineering at Yıldız Technical University is the second oldest civil engineering department in Turkey, with a history that closely parallels Yıldız Technical University (YTÜ). YTÜ began its educational journey in 1911 as the "Kondüktör Mektebi Alisi" and continued its establishment under the name "Nafia Fen Mektebi" after 1923. In 1937, it became the Istanbul Technical School, later evolving into the Istanbul State Academy of Engineering and Architecture in 1969, Yıldız University in 1982, and finally adopting the name Yıldız Technical University in 1992.

The undergraduate education is conducted in two separate programs, with 30% in English and 100% in English. Under the Department of Structures within the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, thesis-based master's and doctoral programs are offered in the fields of Construction, Geotechnical, Hydraulic, Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Transportation, and Building Materials. Additionally, a non-thesis master's program is conducted in Construction Management.
There are eight laboratories that contribute to the education of department students, where master's and doctoral students conduct experimental studies. Simultaneously, various research projects are also carried out in these laboratories.

•    Prof. Dr. Kutay Özaydın Soil Mechanics Laboratory
•    Hydraulic and Coastal Harbor Engineering Laboratory
•    Hydrodynamics Research Laboratory
•    Mechanics Laboratory
•    Structural Mechanics Laboratory
•    Building Materials Laboratory
•    Road and Bitumen Laboratory
•    CAD-CAE Laboratory