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Prof. Dr. Kutay Ozaydın Geotechnical Laboratory

The Geotechnical Department provides theoretical and experimental research opportunities in various areas related to Geotechnical Science. Current research topics include anchored sheet pile wall applications in deep excavations, stability of dams, seismic behavior of retaining structures, earthquake risk analysis, use of interface elements in foundation engineering applications, model pile tests, and model tests on bearing capacity of reinforced and unreinforced sandy soils.

State-of-the-art computer programs and analytical and numerical methods are used in the conduct of experimental and theoretical research. The department possesses an extensive and up-to-date literature. In postgraduate education, personal computers in the Geotechnical Department are used in addition to the facilities of the University Computer Center.

Within the Geotechnical Department, there are two laboratories: Soil Mechanics and Geology Laboratory. These laboratories are equipped with various mechanical and electronic equipment for research and high-precision experiments.