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Our Vision

The vision of the department is to be a recognized and effective institution in education at the national and international levels, aiming to generate scientific knowledge and develop technology, contributing to the development of societal welfare. 

Our Mission 

The specific duties of the Civil Engineering Department in education, social awareness, and its role in the construction sector can be summarized as follows: 

In the undergraduate education, fundamental engineering knowledge, design, and practical skills are imparted to cultivate internationally capable civil engineers who are creative, inquisitive, innovative, entrepreneurial, analytically minded, inclined towards teamwork, and focused on continuous learning and self-improvement. In addition to these attributes, the graduate education aims to produce specialized civil engineers and researchers in the field. 

To contribute to the creation of safe and contemporary living environments for society, promoting scientific thinking and environmental awareness, fostering a culture of societal cooperation and solidarity, ensuring sustainable development, and thereby enhancing the quality of life for the community. 
To lead in enhancing the quality in the construction sector at the international level, prioritizing research and development activities, establishing awareness of standards and regulations, and taking the lead in promoting professional ethical standards.