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Advisor-Student Meetings

Dear Students,

It is extremely important for you to directly get in contact with your advisors to be guided in your course and career planning. You can access related information of your advisor from the attached excel file that also consists of advisors contact information, meeting day(s) and hour(s), and planned advisor-student meeting dates.

  1. 1) Participate in face-to-face or online meetings to be held on the dates determined by your advisor, and convey all your questions and problems to your advisor through the communication channels specified by your advisor,
  2. 2) I kindly request you to fill in the “Student Tracking and Follow-up Form” and then send it to your advisor via e-mail which is prepared to ensure that your advisor can follow you closely and systematically and carry out the consultancy service properly.


LINK 1: Advisor Information

LINK2: Student Tracking and Follow-up Form


                                                                                                                                                                           Prof. Dr. Bilge DORAN                                                                                                                                                                        Chairman of Civil Engineering Department